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Building a foundation for your small business SEO 

Starting a small business is hard. It takes a lot of work and you will endure failures and it costs a lot of money. What’s worse, once you start getting revenue and customers, all kinds of people are going to contact you to try and get your money, for one thing or another – including digital marketing services. 

Bluecannon Consulting looks at our clients as business partners like part of a hub of our Bluecannon Ventures system where we build, protect and manage your online assets. Many times that involves migrating your website to WordPress and getting into our model and hosting environment. Sometimes it might just be setting up Google Search Console and submitting some URLs – it depends on you and your current situation and budget.

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Our hope is that you can stop paying us for a lot of SEO as quickly as possible.


Why would we say that? Because we believe that a solid website and Google My Business page, once built properly, doesn’t need to cost a small business thousands of dollars per month. We view your website as an upfront expense that we split up over your first 3 or 6 months, and it covers the majority of the “SEO” work we need to do.

As part of our SEO work, we also keep track of your rankings and traffic to help you understand whether or not SEO is working for you. We are flexible with things too, and might even recommend other marketing channels for your money instead of paying us for SEO. It might make sense after 6 months to write blogs and post on social, or it might make sense for you to do that radio or TV campaign you looked it. We don’t charge cancellation fees or hold you to super long contracts, we only ask that you pay us for work we agreed on and have completed like building a website. The benefit is we just tell you up front all the things we will do, then we do them. If you decide for any reason to leave us, we will be sad but it’s no hard foul.

What Do Our SEO Services Include?

Setup and Use of Google’s Tools

Starting with foundational knowledge of Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business and more, we ensure that your web presence is set up properly and you have tools in place to track your rankings, traffic and overall success.

Website Health & Technical Work

It is very easy for a website to look wonderful and rank horribly. Whether it be images that are too large, too many scripts loading on a page or not enough content there are literally hundreds of factors that affect rankings and SEO. We will provide you with a list of items we need to fix, how long it will take, and will show you along the way how we spend our time.

Building Reports & Proving ROI

Finally, we help you understand how what we do works. We focus on tangible victories – higher Click Through Rates, more organic traffic, higher rankings and more. Our reporting is in depth and transparent – we can even provide you a list of items we have completed and how long it takes us.

How Does Google Caluculate Rank?

What leads to better rankings on Google? It certainly is not one specific thing – in fact rankings – and the arbitrage of traffic that comes with it – takes in account hundreds of different factors. At Bluecannon Consulting want to help your small business get a foundation, which is why we offer a holistic approach to building a brand, online and off. With our small business SEO plans we focus on fundamental improvements to your website, quality content, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.

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