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Starting a small business is hard. It takes a lot of work and you will endure failures and it costs a lot of money. What’s worse, once you start getting revenue and customers, all kinds of people are going to contact you to try and get your money, for one thing or another – including digital marketing services.

Bluecannon Consulting looks at our clients as business partners like part of a hub of our Bluecannon Ventures system where we build, protect and manage your online assets. We help source what you need, whether it is a new website, social media management, or even custom apparel and promotional items. Many times that involves migrating your website to WordPress and getting into our model and hosting environment. Sometimes it might just be setting up Google Search Console and submitting some URLs – it depends on you and your current situation and budget.

Listen to this crazy notion:

Our hope is that you can stop paying us for a lot of SEO as quickly as possible.



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That might sound wierd for the SEO industry which is focused on long term recurring revenue, but we have seen how to successfully market small, local service businesses in multiple markets across a variety of industries. We focus on the fundamentals and try to use your limited budget wisely. 

Who Are We?

Gordon Buchanan started Bluecannon Consulting in 2018 and is the CEO of Bluecannon Ventures and the primary consultant to clients. As small business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have a successful web infrastructure. Your website is an important part of your team and we view ourselves as partners to each and every client we have. Our team promises to get back to you when you call, keep you posted on major updates for your business, and deliver what we say we will the best we can.

We don’t like long term contracts, and we try to help you holistically, answering questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. We just want to make it easy for your small business to be found online, and give you options on how to get the word out. 

SEO Foundational Elements

Setup and Use of Google’s Tools

Starting with foundational knowledge of Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business and more, we ensure that your web presence is set up properly and you have tools in place to track your rankings, traffic and overall success.

Website Health & Technical Work

It is very easy for a website to look wonderful and rank horribly. Whether it be images that are too large, too many scripts loading on a page or not enough content there are literally hundreds of factors that affect rankings and SEO. We will provide you with a list of items we need to fix, how long it will take, and will show you along the way how we spend our time.

Building Reports & Proving ROI

Finally, we help you understand how what we do works. We focus on tangible victories – higher Click Through Rates, more organic traffic, higher rankings and more. Our reporting is in depth and transparent – we can even provide you a list of items we have completed and how long it takes us.

Other Services

Wordpress Hosting

Hosting is an often overlooked aspect of marketing. You CAN get hosting for cheap, but when something happens who do you call? Do you have staging? SSL included? We offer premium hosting for a fair price and give you all the bells and whistles you need.

Facebook/Social Media Management

Facebook might not be as popular with the trendy kids of today, but it is still a valuable tool for marketing. We can help setup or even improve Facebook ad campaigns you are running or even help create and post organic content. 

Website Design

We specialize in building simple, competent websites that will set you up to generate leads and rank well on Google. We are much more affordable than larger agencies and can help you get a website to be proud of. 


Content Strategy & Copywriting

You know you need to have a plan for your web content, but where do you start? How do you tie your web strategy in with your email and social? What are your competitors doing well? We help determine the right path forward on your web content. 


Graphic Design

Whether you are looking for graphics for social media, a new logo or a one page flier to use when selling, we can help you get graphics that are stunning and practical. 


Having been in the trenches for so long, we have been asked countless times to “prove it” to clients. We know how to help you tell the story, find the data, and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

Bluecannon Ventures Logo

Bluecannon Ventures is the holding company behind Bluecannon Consulting, Triangle Lawn Games and other successful enterprises. Based in Raleigh, NC BCV has a diversifed set of holdings in a variety of industries. However the common thread is always successful online infrastructure and content marketing. Learn more about our diversified portfolio. 

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Chain of Specialty Yard Game Rental Businesses with locations across the US.

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Small Business Web marketing services like SEO, web development, and social media. 

Anthonys Landscaping

Premier tree service and landscaping provider in Bloomington, IN. 


Bluecannon Records

Music production and distribution, recording and mixing services, live music promotion. 

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Niche travel and lifestyle blog focused on skiing, van living and affordable travel. 

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Specialty importer and retailer of fine baby Alpaca yarn from Peru.

Learn How Our SEO Services are Different

How Can We Help Your Business?

One of the biggest challenges of running a small business is deciphering the truth and the myths of web marketing. SEO especially is an incredibly tough industry to understand if you are not up to date with the latest changes and best practices.

At BlueCannon Consulting we are SEO and Web experts who serve small and medium businesses all over the country, but we focus on our base of Bloomington, IN and Raleigh, NC. Our partners Gordon and Anthony are Indiana University graduates (School of Journalism and Business respectively) and we love watching the city grow through the lens of small businesses.

We started as a side project, with Gordon helping Anthony grow his lawn care and tree service business into one of the leading providers in the Bloomington area. With Gordon’s experience running one of the largest digital agencies in Raleigh, NC (helping over 100 different clients with SEO alone) and Anthony’s expert knowledge of the the city and his top notch customer service abilities, we are poised to help you achieve your web goals. We do not promise rankings gains or “being # 1 on Google” overnight. That’s what shady people who don’t really know SEO do. We focus on fundamentally important aspects of your website, improve the health and content, help uncover back link opportunities, and make sure your entire presence online is set up for success.

If you are looking for partners in SEO, website development, website hosting and online marketing, and custom apparel and promotional items we can help. We have developed transparent, data driven systems of reporting for clients and advertisers. We are Google Analytics and SEM Rush certified, experts at Google Search Console, and highly aware of the omni-channel nature of modern marketing.


Send us a note to get started – we can help your business grow starting today.

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