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Hourly Freelance for Agencies

Get help you can count on without overpaying

Running a digital marketing agency is really hard. You contend with a variety of challenges every day, from client issues to billing to finding help to finish all the work you have been getting into the door. Sometimes hiring a full time employee is the right thing to do. When you have enough work to warrant another full time person, it’s generally best to have those folks in house. But what about when you don’t quite have enough work for a full time employee, but still need to get lots of work done? What if a project comes in for 3 months, and then goes away? You don’t want to have to fire people.

That’s where Bluecannon Consulting comes in handy. We are a web, SEO, and marketing firm in Bloomington, IN and Raleigh, NC that helps fill in the gaps. We do handle some of our own clients, but most of the work we do is for other agencies. We work in 15 minute increments for a very reasonable hourly rate ($75) and can help with a variety of different tasks. We have been in the trenches of digital marketing work for years and have a wealth of experience to share with agencies who need help scaling.

What Kinds Of Projects Do We Help With?


HTTPS/Mixed Content Issues

It is terribly important to have a secure website these days. Even if you have an SSL certficate that doesn’t mean you are in the clear. We can help you clean up mixed content and ensure your site pushes HTTPS.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook might not be as popular with the trendy kids of today, but it is still a valuable tool for marketing. We can help setup or even improve Facebook ad campaigns you are running.

Website Design

Sometimes websites are just too small for your system. With copywriters, designers, project managers, SEO specialists and more, you simply don’t want to do small sites. We can handle them for you and let you handle your larger accounts.

SEO Audits/On Page Work

SEO is a complicated and multi-faceted endeavor. It isn’t as simple as just writing a blog every month. We specialize in on-page SEO for WordPress, and can help you identify issues and improve sites.

Wordpress Hosting

Hosting is an often overlooked aspect of marketing. You CAN get hosting for $8.99 per month, but when something happens who do you call? Do you have staging? SSL included? We offer premium hosting to your clients and give you all the bells and whistles you need.


Content Strategy

You know you need to have a plan for your web content, but where do you start? How do you tie your web strategy in with your email and social? What are your competitors doing well? We help determine the right path forward on your web content. 

Technical Troubleshooting

Sometimes things happen in web marketing and you just can’t explain why. A site goes down, and no one can figure out why. A Google My Business page isn’t showing up, and no one knows why. We help dig into complex marketing issues and help you sort it out.


Having been in the trenches for so long, we have been asked countless times to “prove it” to clients. We know how to help you tell the story, find the data, and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

Ultimately we pride ourselves on providing maximum value in minimum time spent. Whether you need us for 15 minutes or 15 hours we can likely help you improve your operation and fill in gaps for your marketing agency. Try our freelance marketing services today. Give us a call! 

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