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Monthly Hosting + Monitoring

Who is Watching Your Back Online?

Running a business today is hard, no matter how you slice it. There are hundreds of things to occupy your attention, and there are innumerable pitfalls you may face that can cause calamity or stress. Your website is a key driver of business, but is it also a key point of stress? It shouldn’t be.

When you build a site, you might realize you need to have it hosted somewhere. So you pay Godaddy or Bluehost or some other budget hosting service, and it might only be $10 a month. Great! So what happens when the site goes down? How do you know if the site is down? How do you improve the loadtime of the site?

We believe your website is an asset that should be treated as something of value. That’s why one of the best services we can offer is that of quality website hosting and ongoing monitoring of uptime, traffic and organic rankings. This “watchdog” service can give you peace of mind and know that your site is being paid attention to, and is secure, running smoothly, and gives you a foundation to run your successful business.

Our Hosting & Monitoring Service Includes:

Wordpress Hosting

Our hosting for WordPress is more than a box to put your site. We offer speedy hosting with free staging site, unlimited SFTP users, and daily backups just in case you need it.


Free SSL Certificiate

Securing your website is very important, and an SSL Certificate is vital. Our hosting includes a free SSL while you are a customer. 

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Our service includes ongoing monitoring for uptime, domain monitoring to let you know when a domain expires, and the promise that there is always an eye on your site.

Updates to Theme/Core/Plugins

WordPress is a fantastic CMS to build a business site on, but if you don’t tend to the site it will have issues. We do updates of your core, themes, and plugins weekly to ensure you don’t have security issues. 

Track Organic Rankings

With our service we can track how you are ranking for key terms organically. We will deliver a report at the end of the month, and if you want us to help with SEO we can do that as an additional service. 

Analytics Monitoring

We not only make sure your Google Analytics and Search Console are setup, we also pay attention to them. We will deliver monthly report with some insights and how things are going.

Site Changes (Up to 30 Minutes Per Month)

You want to add text, images, change pages etc – let us do it for you! Our Hosting and monitoring service includes up to 30 minutes per month of changes and work, with additional time available in 15 minute increments. 

No long term contracts or setup fees.

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